WHAT In My Soup?

Hello and welcome. I’m Alan Ox, a St. Louis musician/ songwriter and actor, and I’ve been performing a stage play I’ve written called There’s An Alien In My Soup. Not a comedy (though certainly with its moments!) This musical play is based on video interviews I’ve run across – of everyday people who, when they were in the military- their units had extraordinary encounters with UFO’s. After investigating books and other sources- I realized that in all the cases, these ‘men in black’ appeared on the scene to threaten dire consequences if what these men witnessed- should ever be revealed. That’s when I knew these stories must be told! I saw these men as heroic and I wanted to portray their stories in their words. I then began writing the play – with music & lyrics by myself and co-writer Curt Landes. And what we have (with great music!) is a seriously entertaining look at the most inspiring and confounding questions about our planet and The Universe beyond. (And now the discussion of non-terrestrials even more timely since the release of Pentagon UFO videos!)

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Missing Cosmic Puzzle Pieces?

There’s An Alien In My Soup has been performed 8 times in the St. Louis MO USA area and response has been so gratifying, with some folks returning 2 or 3 times with different friends to see the play again and again. And I believe that’s because more than a night at the theater, it’s like the missing pieces to a puzzle that spells the word TRUTH and people want to have it sink-in, they desire to re-frame their world view ideas. This play is not just for ‘the believers’ so to speak but their friends and families or people who just love theater! It’s okay to leave the conspiracy theories at the door and just enjoy. These are the things that keep me inspired; The idea that the play can be helping the planet catch up to its own shadow- its own resonance. My hope that others will see it that way and want to share it. If YOU have seen A.I.M.S., please leave your impressions of it or just your comments on the Facebook page. Much appreciated!

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UPCOMING Dates /Production Details

And don’t miss the next production of There’s An Alien In My Soup. Will it be COMING UP NEAR YOU?  The latest production was Thursday July 18th 2019 in O’Fallon MO at the lovely O’Day Park Amphitheater, just 10 minutes west of Chesterfield Commons in O’Fallon (about 30 min west of St. Louis). Folks brought blankets and lawn chairs and enjoyed the park while taking in the ‘galactic discovery’ of A.I.M.S! This night of theater was presented FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC by the O’Fallon Parks & Recreation Dept and the Missouri Arts Council.

‘Alien In My Soup’ is ‘on the edge of your seat’ entertaining, And is a self contained production with its own support personnel that can as well utilize the technical support available on your campus/ facility – so it would be delightful to discuss performing this musical play in conjunction with you. If you have questions about any aspect of it, comments or recommendations, please contact me directly. Your input is highly regarded! Check out the ‘Contact’ link above.

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Video Link

Here is a two minute snippet of some of the music and monologue of ‘Alien Soup’. (For a longer sample, please see below). Not really a typical musical, A.I.M.S. has 9 original songs that weave through it- to offer musical relief, and amplify the characters’ stories. The full length version of the play is under two hours including an intermission. So, lest this video leave an impression otherwise, there is much more monologue than music in this play! For a more extended sample, please see this 4-minute video and thank you for visiting!

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