Missing Cosmic Puzzle Pieces?

There’s An Alien In My Soup has been performed 8 times in the St. Louis MO USA area and response has been so gratifying, with some folks returning 2 or 3 times with different friends to see the play again and again. And I believe that’s because more than a night at the theater, it’s like the missing pieces to a puzzle that spells the word TRUTH and people want to have it sink-in, they desire to re-frame their world view ideas. This play is not just for ‘the believers’ so to speak but their friends and families or people who just love theater! It’s okay to leave the conspiracy theories at the door and just enjoy. These are the things that keep me inspired; The idea that the play can be helping the planet catch up to its own shadow- its own resonance. My hope that others will see it that way and want to share it. If YOU have seen A.I.M.S., please leave your impressions of it or just your comments on the Facebook page. Much appreciated!

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