WHAT In My Soup?

Hello and welcome. I’m Alan Ox, a St. Louis musician/ songwriter and actor, and I’ve been performing a stage play I’ve written called There’s An Alien In My Soup. Not a comedy (though certainly with its moments!) This musical play is based on video interviews I’ve run across – of everyday people who, when they were in the military- their units had extraordinary encounters with UFO’s. After investigating books and other sources- I realized that in all the cases, these ‘men in black’ appeared on the scene to threaten dire consequences if what these men witnessed- should ever be revealed. That’s when I knew these stories must be told! I saw these men as heroic and I wanted to portray their stories in their words. I then began writing the play – with music & lyrics by myself and co-writer Curt Landes. And what we have (with great music!) is a seriously entertaining look at the most inspiring and confounding questions about our planet and The Universe beyond. (And now the discussion of non-terrestrials even more timely since the release of Pentagon UFO videos!)

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