About A.I.M.S.

Not a comedy (though certainly with its moments!) This live, musical ‘mono-play’ is based upon video interviews I ran across on the web a couple years back – of everyday people who, when they were in the military- their units had extraordinary encounters with UFO’s. Well, I looked into books and other sources- And in all the cases it seems, these ‘MEN IN BLACK’ authority figures – appeared on the scene to threaten dire consequences if what these men witnessed- should ever be revealed. . Well at that point I knew these stories must be told! I began to see these men coming forth as heroic and I wanted to portray their stories. I then sat down to begin writing the stage play – with music & lyrics by myself and co-writer Curt Landes.

And what we have- with great music I would add- is a serious, entertaining look at the most inspiring and confounding question about our planet and the Universe beyond. (And since the release of a Pentagon UFO video recently, the discussion of non-terrestrials is even more timely!)  The dilemma of each character is intriguing and captivating in its own way. The audience is drawn into each one because they are so relatable as everyday people who can hardly believe what they themselves have witnessed. So the play is not just for a certain crowd, it’s for theatergoers and the curious! As Glenn Dennis, the mortician at Roswell Army Airfield states at one point “Some say a town can’t keep a secret, but I would say when a man is told he must forget what he’s seen or even held in his hand, with the threat of losing his livelihood and family- well that has the effect stunning him into silence for decades, decades to come…”    -Alan

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