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ALOx Color sm   Alan Ox here.  As the writer and actor in ‘There’s An Alien In My Soup’ I consider it a privilege to bring forth the characters I portray in this one-man musical; Retelling the stories of everyday military people whose extraordinary accounts of ‘visitors from afar’ are keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Music is one of the great loves of my life. I’ve been performing since my youth; singing and acting in high school musicals and drumming in groups along the way. And though I left acting behind, I knew that some way somehow I would return to it, but I wouldn’t have guessed it would be in a play that I wrote about alien visitation! But then again, all that has transpired has brought me to this point.

At age 28 I switched from drums to study piano with St. Louis jazz great, Herb Drury while playing 5 nights a week at a piano bar in the city. There would be other ‘gigs’ lasting for years, such as The Ritz Carlton, Hyatt and Cheshire Hotels along with other bistros in the area. I have recorded original and cover tunes and dabbled in opera. I have performed at jazz festivals beyond St. Louis as well as performed standup. There have been Sheldon Concert Hall specials and musical tributes to Sinatra, Tony Bennett & Chet Baker along the way (& The Beatles of course!) Also I’ve worked vocally on four of Al Hammerman’s CD’s whose tunes have found their way to many TV and movie soundtracks.

One of my favorite gigs was doing 5 performances over two weeks as solo singer with The Boston Pops in 2012 debuting 2 new Alan & Marilyn Bergman songs- whom I met and worked with during the run. Quite exciting. In the meantime, while charting out new avenues for- and booking this theater production, I continue to play piano weekly in St. Louis. And I still play drums in a trio which includes my songwriting partner for ‘There’s An Alien In My Soup’  Mr. Curt Landes.

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